Environmental Policy and Action Program


Camping Belle-Vue 2000


Environmental responsible: Tamara Laterza


As an environmentally responsible company, we take the responsibility for our environment very seriously and strive to continuously maintain and improve environmental protection in all operating areas. It is important to us to involve our guests actively in the environmental measures we have set and to make them aware of the importance of environmental protection.

The following measures and areas are particulularly important to us:


o   Communication and information of our guests, employees and the public about our environmental activities

o   Motivating our employees to act in an environmentally sound manner through regular training and opportunities for actively shaping the environmental program

o   Efficient use of energy and water

o   Avoidance of waste through conscious purchasing of products

o   Separation and environmentally sound recovery of unavoidable waste

o   Reduction of traffic congestion through information and offers for guests and employees

o   Avoidance of water pollution through economical use of environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners

o   Avoid polluting and hazardous substances during construction and renovation work

o   Using food from the region - we have cooperations with farmers from our village / the neighboring village - as well as organic farming, as well as Fairtrade products

o   Purchase of products that carry an environmental award

o   General increase in the satisfaction of our guests through high service quality, soft skills of our employees


The EcoLabel eco-label

Was awarded to us in the fall of 2019 and we strive to meet the requirements. The environmental criteria on which the EcoLabel is based and other information can be found at www.ecolabel.lu.


As a guest, we ask you

For your help with waste separation, energy and water saving for the implementation of our environmental program.


For further questions do not hesitate to contact us. On site, you can always contact one of our employees. At the reception we will gladly give you more information and bring you closer to our environmental philosophy. We are happy to introduce you to all the measures we take.